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AmyKay Cole

Amy Kay Cole, PhD

Dr. Amy Kay Cole holds a PhD in clinical psychology with expertise in the management of anxiety, trauma, mood impairment, and relationships. Dr. Cole has been a professor at Missouri Southern State University since 2002.

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Blake Webster

Blake Webster, PhD

Dr. Blake Webster holds a PhD in clinical psychology with specialization in depression, anxiety, personality assessment, and family systems therapy. Dr. Webster has a background teaching both undergraduate and graduate courses in psychology.

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6 Mental Habits of People Who Manage Their Emotions Remarkably Well

The research is clear: emotional intelligence improves just about every aspect of our lives. Daniel Goleman, a well-known psychologist, has published extensively on the ways in which emotional intelligence improves our personal and professional lives. There are countless books on how to raise emotionally intelligent children for good reason. Increasing...

How to Get Over Relationship Anxiety

 With over half of marriages ending in divorce, one wonders "Why? What happens? How come so few make it?...And the ones that do, how happy are they?" These are all relevant, valid questions that should be explored; hopefully before one takes the plunge into a deep...

Anxiety: How Much Is Too Much?

I’ve written about the anxiety epidemic on this blog before, and I’m sure I will again. It’s more common than depression and often coincides with depression. For decades, psychologists have identified anxiety as a widespread problem. Addressing the problem is tricky because the goal...

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