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 I can let you in on a secret. When I meet a new therapy client, no matter what the issue or diagnosis, I walk them back to my office thinking "I'm going to try my best to help this person self-accept." Leon Seltzer illustrates beautifully in this article why self-acceptance is central to therapy, and often IS therapy. 

Dr. Seltzer brings up a crucial point with self-acceptance. It can lead an individual to understand that no matter how bizarre, or compulsive, or self-sabatoging a thought or behavior is, it's likely a natural reaction to the conditions of one's past or current life. He echoes Brene Brown's point that "We are all doing the best we can" given the conditions of our life. He elegantly suggests an eastern ethic that our default position in this world is human, which suggests we are in our natural state good, whole, and abundant. 

So explore this gift of an article from Dr. Seltzer; hopefully it inspires a wave of self-acceptance--learning to relax.

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