The Importance of Trust in Relationships

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It almost seems cliché to say that a relationship has "gotta have trust." John Gottman elaborates in this article about just how necessary trust is to relationships. He also expounds on communities, families, regions, and nations. The jaw dropping moment of the article happens when he talks about lack of trust as deadly, yes literally deadly, to partners in marriage. 

     As a marital, pre-marital, and relationship coach and psychologist, I was reminded by this article to get back to the basics of trust in the therapy room. So often marital therapy can take off quickly and we can get to the impetus of broken trust first (i.e., emotional affairs, physical affairs, money issues). I am reminded by Gottman in this article slow down, emphasize the need for trust, the status of it in a relationship, and to slowly, gently, possibly try to restore it when broken.

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