Want to Raise Successful Kids? Science says stop praising kids for their innate or God-given abilities, and instead focus on their effort.

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 Executive Psychological Resources is a practice designed for adults. However, the attached article features strategies for encouraging child resilience and increasing problem solving skills. This article reminds me of how often adults have questions about parenting strategies and how to tackle a host of issues. Early in my practice, I became very familiar with the phrase "What's my child's diagnosis?" It became clear to me that a diagnosis should be considered in a functional sense and addressing how parents are talking to children, as discussed in the article, is an essential issue.

   There are countless ways the benefits of adult therapy and coaching trickle down to influence your children. As this article suggests, the results may be as significant as a change in a child's entire mindset.  There are a host of new therapies, such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy or Positive Parenting, which can become inspired tools for parents to learn and employ. We look forward to helping fathers and mothers, or even adults dreaming of children, evolve to a growth mindset. Empowerment, resiliency in children, and an attitude which welcomes the benefits of trial and error, are all covered in this read. Enjoy!

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