Executive Coaching

Ask yourself whether you have a vision for your professional development, whether it is your individual career or your company. Without a long range plan and emotional intelligence, success is impossible. Coaching at EPR is centered by stressing confidential professionalism in all matters regarding our clients. We are a very small firm which privately caters to the needs of professionals.

We offer a unique perspective that considers the personal values of the individual. This often includes clarifying life goals, meeting financial expectations, achieving marriage and employment synthesis, and establishing paths to meet expectations. There is a complex interplay between professional knowledge, emotional intelligence, and conflict management skills. It is necessary to motivate employees and create a healthy, professional atmosphere. Managing a company, professional practice, or family business requires a particular skill set that is not always intuitive. Executive Psychological Resources provides an assessment of professional strengths and vulnerabilities for individuals and companies. That assessment serves as the foundation for strengthening individual skills and improving workplace performance. EPR has the experience and knowledge to help clients significantly improve their professional lives.

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