The importance of privacy and confidentiality in therapy is paramount to personal growth and development. Executive Psychological Resources (EPR) places a high emphasis on privacy. We have limited our office to two PhD trained clinical psychologists. Our waiting room is quiet and private without the busy atmosphere common in the field of mental health. The heightened level of confidentiality is a mainstay at EPR. It continues to be a reason a significant portion of our practice addresses the needs of psychiatrists, physicians, psychologists, and business executives.

Executive Psychological Resources provides psychotherapy as well as opportunities for personal growth and professional development in southwest Missouri. We specialize in adult therapeutic issues in a space that stresses professionalism. We confidentially treat individuals who are functioning well in some areas of their lives but struggling in others. People seek various forms of psychotherapy, counseling, and coaching to achieve balance in their lives. At EPR, our focus is creating meaning, purpose, and well-being. Addressing depression, anxiety, and myriad challenges allows individuals to reach their goals and potential. Many of our clients initiate therapy to improve their relationships, marriages, and family lives. Therapy is also effective in healing from divorce and identifying negative patterns in romantic relationships. Addressing painful past events can help people move forward in life. In addition to mental health, we also address the interplay between physiological and biological health: weight loss, addiction, poor health practices, sleep disorders, and chronic pain. Regardless of the goal, a professional alliance with Dr. Webster and Dr. Cole serves as a foundation for change.

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