For most of us, relationships serve as the foundation of our well-being. Our intimate relationships are fundamental to overall emotional health, and being disconnected from others makes us vulnerable to anxiety, depression, and emotional loneliness. In addition to couples therapy, we also address the needs of single people who would like to be in a healthy relationship. It is not uncommon for people with broad social connections to still feel emotional loneliness when they don't feel connected to a significant other. At EPR, we help people identify unhealthy patterns in past relationships which may interfere with deep emotional connections. We often work with newly divorced individuals and people who have not recently been involved in an intimate relationship. The building blocks of intimacy are not overly complicated or unattainable, but they are typically not taught. The world of online dating can be intimidating, overwhelming, and poorly executed. Recent research has identified effective strategies for approaching the online dating experience. These findings can be tailored to address individual needs. What can often be a solitary and unproductive endeavor can be a collaborative and much more effective experience.

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